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TalkTheTalk is the result of a journey of discovery filled with excitement, sweat, life experiences & a passion for exploring human ideas together with others. We thank the AC running this simulation for allowing us to seek an answer to our question. However, it will not be our last-- 

 Talk yourself free..

Free to discover, to express, to feel vulnerable or curious, to talk,

to listen, to find your voice, to let your guard down, to be kind and tolerant,

to be human.

TalkTheTalk is a mental wellness service.

We use fictional narratives, such as books and movies, to offer practical and entertaining psychoeducation workshops. Learn more...

"Me and my girlfriend participated in the "Joker and Fight Club" module. 

I recommend these kind of meetings because the simple idea of talking, even with strangers,

about our issues is a very good medicine to heal the mind, and relying on pre-determined

themes (as the Joker movie) makes you open yourself more easily. You don't need to talk

about your issues, but simply listening to others talk and exchange ideas might be

extremely helpful."

Sergiu & Ruxandra

"I payed for this experience with money and time from my day to day life. 

And I got more than I expected. I got to see my issues in different and healthy perspectives, in shared feelings. I got to rebel against myself without cracking. I got to rebel against others without feeling excluded. I got to choose how I feel about that problem that got me to

this group. And isn’t that what we are looking for when is comes to feelings?! Not to be overwhelmed by them and to be able to live with them?! If this is what you are looking for,

then I strongly recommend you give this way a try. Just TalktheTalk!"


Are you a psychologist, a counsellor or a coach 

interested in facilitating a TalkTheTalk workshop? ​