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TalkTheTalk is the result of a journey of discovery filled with excitement, sweat, life experiences & a passion for exploring human ideas together with others. We thank the AC running this simulation for allowing us to seek an answer to our question. However, it will not be our last-- 

Become a TalkTheTalk Ambassador



TalkTheTalk is looking to expand to New York City

and we are hiring TalkTheTalk Ambassadors to spread the word

about our work

What does a TalkTheTalk Ambassador do?

You assist us in organizing events (which we call "TalkTheTalks") in New York City.


A TalkTheTalk is an event where 4-5 people meet for three hours, to have a direct, honest conversation about their views on the chosen topic. It's quite amazing to discover your thoughts and opinions mirrored back from a person you never met before, and maybe never will meet again. It’s a liberating feeling of exploration, beyond your normal day to day conversation, and meaningful in itself for all involved. You can find a more detailed explanation of TalkTheTalk by going here.

You will be our eyes and ears in NYC, so you get to attend the TalkTheTalks, engage with the TalkTheTalk Guests and get feedback post-event. We might need your help in choosing the perfect location for the TalkTheTalk, such as a cozy cafe, a hip bar, a sunny rooftop, a picnic spot, etc.

We count on you to spread the word about TalkTheTalk and the perks of becoming a TalkTheTalk Host, which you can explore in our section - Host a TalkTheTalk

What does it pay to be a TalkTheTalk Ambassador?

For each TalkTheTalk that takes place with your help, inclusive of pre-event preparations, marketing and post-event feedback, you will receive 100 USD. 

Is this something you'd love to invest your time and energy into?

We'd love to hear from you.