Welcome to the Facilitator's Guide

 1. Pick a topic for your workshop/module. The more specific the topic, the better.  

TIP: Here are some examples of past topics – power dynamics in relationships; identifying basic emotions and integrating them in our day-to-day life. 


 2. Choose the narrative you want to use to aid you in the exploration of your topic. It can be a movie, a book, a story. 

TIP 1: Bear in mind that books take longer to consume than movies. 

TIP 2: If you go for a book or movie that is well-known or recent, chances are you catch the attention of more people.  


 3. Choose a title for your workshop/module. The title ideally includes the name of the narrative (movie or book) and the topic. 

TIP: It’s ok if you ask us for help with your title!


 4. Define your audience. Are they adults, children, teenagers, couples, singles, windows/widowers, war veterans, addicts etc?


 5. Think of the sub-topics you want to touch upon during the workshop/module and establish its duration.


 6. Think of a date and time for your workshop/module. 


 7. If it's a module, think of the recurrence of the events. 

TIP: We recommend an event per week. However, we are flexible and open to ideas. 


 8. Define the objectives of your workshop/module: what are the takeaways and lessons learned for your participants after the end of the workshop/module? 

TIP: The general objectives of any TalkTheTalk module are to help participants explore, identify and understand their emotions and experiences. What are the particular objectives of the topic of your workshop/module?


 9. We encourage facilitators to use a wide range of games and exercises which give participants the opportunity to express emotions and experiences which normally lie hidden.


10. Once you thought of all the issues above, fill in the form we send you. We will get back to you in 2-3 working days to discuss the issue further. 


11. We may need to do a background check and verify your credentials. We might ask for additional information. 


12. We will talk to you about the fees you will be paid. 


13. If both parties decide to go ahead, we will send you a collaboration contract to sign and return to us. 


14. We will set up the workshop/module and take care of the marketing. 


15. We will set up the location and inform you where your workshop/module will be taking place. 


16. A module may start with a 2h introductory event which is free of charge for the participants. (You will be paid.)


17. After each event of a module, you will have to fill in a feedback form for each participant, which you will then have to hand in individually at the next event.

TIP: In order to be able to fill in this feedback form, we encourage you to take notes about each participant during each event. 


18. After each event of a module, you will receive a rating and feedback from the participants. 


19. During the last event of a module, you will have to provide each participant with a more comprehensive face-to-face feedback. 


20. At the end of a workshop/module, you will receive a final rating from the participants. This rating may play a role in the number of modules you can host each month (ex: the higher the rating, the more modules you can facilitate) and the fees you are paid. 


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