Things We Care About

Punctuality: Please respect the starting and ending times of each event. 


Privacy: Participants and Facilitators have a right to privacy. There will be no photography, video or other types of recording during events, unless all participants and the facilitators express their consent. 


Participation: Participants’ role is to... participate. In other words, participants will engage actively in discussions and exercises during the event, as long as they feel comfortable doing so. Participants are expected to read the book or see the movies the module is based on. 


Respect: Each participant has the right to express him/herself without being interrupted. Participants and facilitators will not use swear words, aggressive tone or violence towards other participants or towards the Facilitator. The only exception may be the exercises suggested by the Facilitator, and consented by all participants. 


The TalkTheTalk Organizers and Facilitators reserve the right to exclude from the event or module participants who violate one or more of the above.


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