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Updated: Apr 9, 2019

First of all, let me tell you about this fantastic bookup which was organized in Prague by Alex, one of our amazing Bookup Ambassadors. Doesn’t the picture above just make you feel the good vibes of a mind-blowing poetry night?

We met Alex on one of our bookups in Bucharest; he is one of those curious souls, always searching, always questioning, looking to connect on a deeper level. In one word, he is a “bookuper”🙌🏽. The initiative to have a bookup in Prague was entirely his, and we are overjoyed that it turned out to be such a positive experience.

We launched our search for brand ambassadors a few weeks back, and we were lucky enough to get three replies. It may not seem much, but it’s better than what I was expecting. We had great discussions with two young ladies from Dubai and Bucharest, who are interested in working with us to promote Bookups, and it’s been useful to see how our goals and mission are being perceived by others. For example, Cezara, our bookup ambassador in Dubai, brings this fantastic positive energy to Bookups, and just like Alex, she provides us with great feedback and ideas on how to move forward. Cezara will be bookuping her way through Dubai on three different occasions, in three mind-blowing locations… 

Lessons learned:

  • Networking & word of mouth are the way forward. At least for us, they turned out to work much better than advertising on social media. Our way forward, for now, is to work with and expand our team of Bookup Ambassadors, tapping into their mindset, preferences and circle of friends. Yes, we are fully aware that we will have to repay their efforts somehow, and trust me, we are working on it 👀;

  • Attract, don’t pull. From our experience so far, it is not worth trying to sell people the idea of Bookups or trying to convince them to take on a role with us, as small as it may be. The solution is as simple as letting them gravitate towards you by their own will. Even if you succeed in convincing someone, if the energy doesn’t come from the inside, it will most likely not be sustainable;

  • Context. To use a metaphor that my colleague radudaniel likes, one-night stands may cater for some immediate urge, but we all ultimately long for a love story. And we want Bookups to be the love story, not the one-night stand. How are we going to do that? By providing bookupers with context. Enough said. We don’t want to let the cat out of the bag just yet 😜.



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