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The initial idea for Bookups may have sprung from a need, but what helped coagulate the idea into business is a set of core values which both Radu and I share as co-founders. It is what pushes us forward as a team and what, hopefully, will keep us on track while we navigate the ruthless world of business.

It is essential for us to have a solid foundation which we can build on, and that foundation is made up of the things we believe in, the things we want to offer to society and, implicitly, to our customers.

To be more specific, our four core values can be summed up as follows:

1. We value books and ideas, and their power to change the world.

Can you imagine a world without books? Bradbury tried, and it didn’t look good…

A book, just like a human being, holds an entire universe within it. A book, through its words and ideas, can give you unfathomable power and might open doors that you didn’t even know existed. But of course, books are just ink and paper without a reader willing to change the world.

2. We value human contact and social interaction as the backbone of a thriving society.

Let’s face it, technology has been playing its part in social alienation. However, throughout our journey of meeting people of all ages and backgrounds, we noticed a tendency to return to more traditional ways of socializing — almost a longing for direct human contact, I would dare say.

We fully support the good ol’ ways of meeting new people and making new friends, not merely because it gets us in touch with our humanity, but because we are genetically programmed to be social beings and thrive as a whole, not just as individuals.

3. We value debates and open discussions as the essence of progress.

Open discussions and debates as means of understanding a certain issue go back all the way to Socrates and his dialectic method of inquiry.

Curiosity is the first step towards knowledge and one of the main reasons most of us read. But to know something, we must first understand it, and what better way than through asking and answering questions. Debates stimulate critical thinking and draw out ideas that you may not have known existed!

4. We value simplicity and authenticity in the experience we offer to Bookups users.

We lead busy lives, we are short on time, patience and energy. That is precisely why we want to offer Bookups users a platform which is simpler and easier to use than anything else on the market. We want the users to focus on the experience of discussing books and meeting people, rather than on the logistics.

We want to ensure that meaningful, stimulating connections always remain at the center of Bookups.



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