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TalkTheTalk is the result of a journey of discovery filled with excitement, sweat, life experiences & a passion for exploring human ideas together with others. We thank the AC running this simulation for allowing us to seek an answer to our question. However, it will not be our last-- 

TalkTheTalk is a get-together where people share

their thoughts, ideas, knowledge or experience.


For a few hours, five or six people sit together to enjoy a real conversation about a cool movie, an awesome book, a pressing personal issue or... the big questions of life.  

Use TalkTheTalk to talk yourself free

Here are some "labels" we came up with:


Movie fanatics who are dying to share their vision of Tarantino's latest work or that Sci-Fi series they are binging on at the moment -   

Book lovers who wish to get to the root of that Ted Chiang story or meet other Holdens they can side with against the phonies of the world - 

Writers, whether known or unknown, who want to share their work with fellow writers or readers, and get feedback - 

Authors & Publishers who wish to engage with their readers on a deeper level than those crowded public readings would ever allow -  

People who feel like misfits, like they don't belong, like they don't matter, like they have no voice. Like we all feel at times - 

People who simply need to talk about stuff or get things off their chest. Which, basically, includes us all - 

Enjoy some more TalkTheTalk

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